Treat Anxiety & Depression

Are you struggling to come to grips with life and trying to put the pieces back together?

Anxiety and depression can lead you to feelings of uncertainty, fear and worry and it can happen to any of us and can be an overwhelming feeling.  It’s always helpful to know what symptoms to watch for and the most effective treatments. In this webinar, we will address how therapy is beneficial to release panic attacks and stuck emotions, how to build confidence, learn skills that help you manage the situations that scare you most, and then get out into the world.

This course is made for individuals who are willing to make a change and break a repetitive pattern allowing clarity and relaxation.

Unlike temporary medication, this  program is an investment in yourself and an investment in change.

You will receive a full therapy session during the webinar upon a topic or an emotional issue issue you wish to resolve.

Benefit from our webinar to learn tools and overcome emotional stress this Thursday September the 3rd.


Set Healthy Boundaries

Change in Lifestyle

Relaxation Techniques

What You Will Learn?

  • Acquire tools on how to overcome and coop with depression and anxiety and how to address and release an emotional issue.
  • Develop skills to cope with symptoms and problems and identify or prevent future episodes of depression.
  • Set realistic goals for the future.
  • Pinpoint life events that contribute to your depression and help you find ways to change, accept or adapt to those situations.
  • Relieve symptoms of depression and learn relaxation techniques that will also reduce anxiety and boost feelings of joy and well-being.


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  •  - Treat Anxiety & Depression

    Cayte Mocadam


    Cayte Mocadam has more than 15 years of experience providing the most up-to-date techniques in EFT, NLP training, relationship counseling, trauma healing, hypnotherapy and therapy for children. She has helped more than 7,200 private patients, schools and organizations across Lebanon, United Arab Emirates, Greece, Turkey and more.

    Cayte Mocadam offers self-improvement courses, and healing attunements and programs. All our courses are certified by Cayte Fatma Mocadam, a Master Trainer in energy, as well as certified in energy healing from schools including Reiki Blessing Academy in Los Angeles, California. We offer holistic healing modalities such as Reiki, Pranic, Kundalini Karuna and more than 100 attunement courses. 

    Cayte Mocadam is Certified as a Train the Trainer and Master Trainer for corporate and personal development including in holistic healing and alternative medicine.

    She is also a member of the international NGH and the National Guild of Hypnotists, and a member of the following organizations: AAMET and International Accredited EFTLHS Lebanese Syndicate of HypnotherapistsNFNLP National Federation of Neurolinguistic Programming, as well as additional schools of healing across Germany and America.




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