Lie Detection Training

Lie Detection taught by Cayte Mocadam the Neuro-Linguistic Master Trainer & Leader in the fields of human Behavior and interpersonal relationships.
Cayte Mocadam who is a Master Trainer Certified by Dr Will Horton Former FBI Hostage / Crisis Negotiation trainer course at the FBI Academy, Quantico.

Never Be lied to again!
This Training course is a must to enhance Emotional Intelligence, Helps in improving Communication & Sales Skills.
Lie Detection Training Course is based on a Psychological approach, considered a must in the Business & corporate world.
The Lie Detection Training course is well known in the corporate world.
Lie detection training is used in Sales & Customer service to enhance their staff's communication skills by adding knowledge and awareness to serve their clients better and understand their needs.
Lie Detection Course Training beneficial to read others, spotting lies or hidden emotions.

Face Reading Instantly

Detecting Deception

How to spot lies in business

Who Should Attend Lie Detection Training?
Lie Detection Training is used as
Corporate Training for those people who want to enhance their capability by enhancing interpersonal relationships effectively with their customers, their staff, their colleagues, and their managers.

Lie Detection Training is for Anyone who wants to influence change management and increase employee engagement, managers, supervisors, sales people & Sales Team, business owners, CEOs, chairman, customer service staff - Entrepreneurs, Parents, Professional, Students, Human Resources Professionals,Teachers, Employers & Poker Players..

Requirement of Lie Detection Certification Training:

  • Lie Detection Certification Training Course is held Online & In-Person.
  • Training course consists of a number of Course hours between (12 to 20 Hours according to the Level of Course).
  • You will receive a course Manual including practices & an easy to do test.
  • Certification is upon completion of Course hours & test.

Lie Detection Certification Training is NLP USA certified.


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  •  - Lie Detection Training


    Senior Master Trainer & EFT Expert
    Cayte Mocadam is a Personal and Corporate Leadership Development Consultant. Her credentials and expertise include: Founder of CoActive Minds, Cayte Mocadam Consultancy. Creator of the Hyperlink a Worldwide Online Portal Clinic. NLP Senior Master Trainer Senior Train the Trainer certified Leadership and management expert trainer Motivational public speaker Relationship counselor Senior consultant hypnotist Member of the National Guild of Hypnotists (NGH) as expert consultant and hypnotherapist Meditation instructor Energy master teacher (Reiki) Certified NLP trainer and member of the National Federation of NeuroLinguistic Programming (NFNLP) and American-endorsed training academy Member at MYP Mind your power consultancy company in United Arab of Emirates Member at WELLBEINGS in Bali Cayte Mocadam has developed her expertise over the past 15 years, working with more than 7,200 private patients, schools and organizations throughout the territories of Lebanon, United Arab Emirates.


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