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Cayte Mocadam is a Personal and Corporate Leadership Development Consultant.Total Success Facilitator Personal/Professional Excellence-Wellness Coach & Consultant  With 15 years of Experience Cayte Fatma Mocadam a Master Corporate Trainer, Consultant,  Therapist & Creator of Cayte Mocadam Telemental Clinic & Employee Engagement, counseling  with a demonstrated achievements in personal, professional, organizations and community development and optimization.  

A Certified Trainer & Train the Trainer directly from NFNLP National Federation Florida, USA

With a degree in Psychology and extensive training in Mind-Body Optimization Modalities, I believe in ‘Total Success’ Sciences and Arts approaches where personal and professional aspects toned and aligned for the success of the person, group, organization and the community. A Motivational Public Speaker, Expert relationship Counseling. A member of the National Guild of Hypnotists, USA?Certified Personal Counselor, Corporate Innovation and more & A member of MYP Mind your Power UAE.

‘Total Success’ crafted to achieve Excellence and Wellness of the person and the society.Excellence in practical sides, where personal/ professional skills are developed. Wellness is the wholeness, where true self and potentials actualized and society been harmonized.  Join my training, coaching and consultancy programs to achieve and experience the ‘Total Success’ where nothing to be compromise but everything toned and harmonize for the best of all.  


My signature ‘Total Success’ Programs cover topics like: Management, Leadership, Executives, Communication, Skills Development, Relationships, Influence, and many others, besides Wellness & Wellbeing Employee Coaching I Motivational Public Speaking I Mental Resilience Training & Employee engagement and wellbeing.

Total Success Coaching and Training Programs Developer Leadership & Management Coach & Consultant Wellness/Excellence Coach & Consultant?Certified Train the Trainer Instructor  Motivational Public Speaker Senior NLP Master Trainer.Cayte worked with more than 8,200 private patients, schools and organizations  throughout the territories of Lebanon, United Arab Emirates, Greece, Turkey and more.    

Given the Title of Miss Power woman 2017 for Women Entrepreneur who made a difference. She prides herself on practicing with the most  up-to-date techniques and delivery methods. In addition, Cayte has worked extensively with schools & refugee families, helping them overcome social disorders and trauma. 


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